Time for a Refresh!

One of the joys of a yacht designed in the 80’s is the beauty in her lines. With racked bows and tapered sterns, they have a classical beauty which is not reflected in some modern boat designs. Having said all that, one thing you do get with an 80’s boat, is a plethora of vinyl graphics, none of which are visually attractive, in modern tastes, or that age particularly well. Being a Lacoste, unsurprisingly Elyse had a green coach stripe, green and red mast stripes, red boot top followed by a strip of green antifoul above her CopperCoat and a massive green Lacoste logo on her aft quarters. I’m sure when she was launched these all looked rather snappy, however, the years have not been kind and it was time for a refresh. Colour schemes on boats are totally the personal taste of their owners. The 50 shades of blue on show in most marinas are a safe bet. However, green, red, brown, orange, black, grey, white teal, magenta… the list goes on and on….  are all available. Personally, the two colours I favour the least on boats are Red and Green ……. can you see my issue here?!

Elyse when we first found her for sale

Not wanting to come away or disguise the Lacoste branding too much, she is after all rather unique in this, so we turned to a copy of the Lacoste brand guidelines we found on the web to see what a modern interpretation could be. Working with the fact some of the colours where actually in the gelcoat, rather than a graphic, we landed on a combination of grey and red. This allowed us to keep the red boot top as gelcoat as vinyl this close to the water line would have been in for a hard life. Walking past the Lacoste shop on Bond Street in London gave us a new idea for her after quarter branding, swapping the large green crocs for slightly smaller grey croc outlines has allowed us to keep here firmly recognisable as a Lacoste, but with slightly subtler branding. Kate spent a fun day in the dinghy reapply the hull coach stripe in the same grey which looks really smart.

Kate applying the new coach stripe, shame it was a windy day

The last item on the list is the mast stripes, which are faded to more of a pink and powdery green now. Not much fancying swinging about the rigging with a heat gun, we have lived with the stripes for 4 years now. However, we are having the mast removed for new standing rigging in April so these stripes day’s are numbered. The big question is will we miss them? They do make it easy to spot the boat in a marina. Perhaps Kate will let me fit some mast uplights now….. (unlikely but you never know)

A new colour scheme and a good polish has taken years off of her. Notice also the new Coppercoat, this is a whole other (and ongoing) story.