The Crew

Full Time Crew

James is an engineer and coastal skipper and has been sailing boats since his uncle pushed him out in an Optimist dinghy at the age of 8. Dinghies gave way to a Laurent Giles Jollyboat which then gave way to an aged Cobra 750, which we spent a year restoring before cruising her around the South Coast. A desire to venture further afield with a few more friends on board then lead to the hunt for Elyse in 2017, and he has never looked back since! Boat ownership provides James’ problem-solving nature with a constant list of things that need repairing or upgrading. When safely in harbour and whilst the crew are relaxing, he can usually be found, screwdriver in hand, in a locker fixing something or another.

A native Norwegian, Kate was raised to believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, just a bad choice of clothing. Despite growing up in the land of the fjords, she had no sailing experience whatsoever before meeting James but luckily fell in love with the sport pretty immediately and has become quite the lover of cruising life. An account director for a London event agency by day, she is hyper organised and has a weather eye for detail. Generally taking on the role as purser, she looks after the creature comforts on board (including the all-important job of minding the gin cupboard) and at the end of the working week, loves nothing better than a lively sail followed by a good glass of wine and some cheese when we arrive.

Part Time Crew

First Mate Paul has known James since they were at school, where they raced sailing dinghies together. After years of messing around in wetsuits, they eventually realised there was no space for girls on a two-man dinghy which spent 50% of its’ time upside down, so decided to give yachts a go instead.Competitive by nature, Paul likes to take everything to the extreme and inspired by his early sailing experiences with James, decided to turn them into a career. Post university he got his Yachtmasters before promptly working his way up to be the captain of a 45m superyacht (whilst James was still pootling around Chichester Harbour in his wooden dayboat…) After a while he got bored of the sunny climate and champagne lifestyle, decided to return to the UK and now runs his own cycle studio and triathlon coaching business in the New Forest.

Deckhand Ray, James’ father, has spent most of his life in, on, or around boats of various sizes and shapes, ranging from sailing dinghies to canal boats. Despite allegedly living land locked in Oxford, these days he can mainly be found with his mate Phil at anchor in Newtown Creak, on the Isle of Wight, cursing at the local seals for chasing away the fish. He can also frequently be spotted in harbour, beer in hand, spinning yarns and making friends with all and sundry.